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underwent some major changes in 2020, before the pandemic struck.

Due to falling membership and increasing costs, the Society changed to a less formal group of enthusiasts, with no yearly subscription, but lots of contact and exchange of information by electronic means, such as this website. An Extraordinary General Meeting was called early in March 2020 to wind up the financial and charitable status of ISASC(Europe). After this winding-up, the governance burdens were lightened, and exchange of information between like-minded collectors and researchers was continuing. Then in March 2020 UK Government restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of plans. Gatherings and meetings have for the time being become impractical. Electronic communications are set to grow in importance, and collaborative working should bring extra opportunities for enjoying the hobby.

Important! Obtaining the EQM magazine directly from ISASC USA should still be possible - please consider going to their website (it's in the Links ) and find their offer for new members under 'Join Us'.

The respected quarterly journal 'EQUILIBRIUM'(abbreviated to EQM) provides the enthusiast with detailed researches into scales, balances and associated topics, including family history, industrial archaeology and antique curios.

This present website isasce.com is in a state of flux itself, and a new style of presentation, based on WordPress is the eventual destination. As much of the original content as is feasible will be preserved.

In the meantime the excellent regular Newsletter Fulcrum provides the personal stories behind collecting activities of enthusiasts and their displays. Also on offer are quirky multi-disciplinary notes in the fields of social history and engineering.

The pictures below illustrate the range and variety of scales and balances that so fascinate afficionados -

An exquisite coin weight balance

A modern 20th-century scale, also for weighing coins!

A highly collectible set of standard or reference weights and measures - Victorian and earlier brass / copper-alloy engineering with aesthetic appeal. Historical and family research can be based on manufacturers' names, Government stamps, paper ephemera, and even metal detector finds!

These colourful egg weighing machine test poises are a blend of scientific apparatus and practical equipment, for use on farms. A full set of instructions adds a great deal of context about how they were used.

The traditional equal-armed scales were often made with extra features for specific purposes, to a high degree of accuracy. Often hidden away in attics or on trade premises, they can turn up at boot sales, markets, in online auctions, for sale at reasonable prices and in want of some restoration. Cleaning them, and learning how they work, can be a fascinating project, with fellow-Members willing to offer advice and help.


News and fascinating snippets can be found in Fulcrum .
IMPORTANT! advice for those who buy unusual weights for scales - please check out some important history on our Collecting page.

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