Interested in Scales and Weights?
The International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (Europe) - known as ISASC(Europe) - is dedicated to collecting, researching and preserving scales and weights of all types.

The society has over 60 enthusiastic members based in Europe, Australia and New Zealand ranging from those who simply enjoy collecting items of beautiful construction to those who revel in researching the origins and function of these intriguing devices. Several museums and universities participate in the Society's activities. Our sister organisation in the Americas has its own website, accessible at the top of our Links page. French-language, Dutch and German scale collectors' societies are also to be found there.

Our meetings during the year see members chatting, buying and selling surplus items, displaying rare and unusual scales, and giving illustrated talks. Hints and tips on collecting scales, weights and related scientific instruments are enjoyed in a lively and friendly atmosphere.

Our learned journal - EQUILIBRIUM (EQM for short) - covers a truly international range of topics with articles written by members worldwide. Publications such as commercial catalogues, books - both modern and antiquarian - are available for purchase thus enabling members to pursue their interests to any desired depth.

On joining ISASC(Europe) you will receive a copy of the current EQM and a detailed membership list noting members' scale-collecting interests, subject to Data Protection regulations.

So why not join now?
The annual subscription (January to December) is £40.00, with postal surcharges for members outside the UK. These have been introduced because of rapidly-rising postage costs. They are £10 for members in Royal Mail's Area 1 (Europe and Russia) and £15 for Area 2 including the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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