Fulcrum has been the Newsletter for the European chapter of ISASC. It will continue to be part of the content on this website while the organisation metamorphoses into a less formal group of enthusiasts. The back issues are all searchable PDF documents, and the information contained therein would be immensely difficult to find elsewhere.

Long-time Editor John Knights has now clocked up his 46th Edition - no mean feat. Fulcrum appears several times a year. Contributions on the topic of the light-hearted study of weighing and measuring are always welcomed, and remain the copyright of the author.

Blog-type content should also be coming soon, to offer the rapid exchange of information on historical and artefactual detail - watch this space!

Fulcrum is light but learned in tone, and complements the scholarly work found in Equilibrium (EQM), available in print form only from ISASC in the USA. See Links for the relevant contact details.

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