Equilibrium and other society publications:

ISASC publishes a regular journal (Equilibrium, or EQM), which is a mine of information about scales and weights, with some related topics as well. Equilibrium is produced to a high standard, with many excellent photographs and illustrations. Copies of EQMs from 1979 onwards are available (some are originals, most are photocopies, owing to heavy demand). Where originals are available, they can be bought for GBP 12.00. Where a photocopy is taken the charge is reduced to GBP 10.00. Unfortunately the Society does not hold any copies of some early issues, so any member who wishes to dispose of such is invited to make contact with our Publications Officer.

Additionally, contact with other members of ISASC(E) and ISASC in the USA allows you to swop and trade issues of EQM that might be missing from your collection - our Membership List is confidential to members and allows ad hoc personal contact for the benefits that pooling resources can bring.

Articles, which are often contributions of original research of a learned nature (but are not peer-reviewed in advance of publication) are always welcomed by the Editor, whose details appear in the magazine.

The society also has a book-list, covering a variety of topics, concerned with old weighing instruments, weights & measures, verification marks etc. Also produced are reprints of manufacturers' catalogues from such companies as DeGrave, Parnall, Salter etc. etc.

A major addition to our resources has been the ‘Crawforth Index’, a CD-ROM reproducing the scholarly notes taken on index cards by Diana Crawforth-Hitchens in her UK-based research over several decades. If you are interested in a particular scalemaker, you can search the Index list and find associated dates and places, scalemakers connected by marriage or by way of trade, and notes of the whereabouts of examples of their work. Not hi-tech but highly prized facts.

Available at GBP 30.00 including post & packing - contact the Publications Secretary for payment options (including PayPal for swift despatch).

Books etc.:
Handbook of Old Weighing InstrumentsM A CrawforthGBP 15.00
Sovereign Balance - Standard RockersM A CrawforthGBP 5.00
British Balance MakersR LadellGBP 6.50
Catalogue of Local Verification Marks on English WeightsN BiggsGBP 5.00

Manufacturers' Catalogue Reprints:
Perry & Co. Catalogue JULY 1871GBP 15.00
W & T Avery Ltd 1897 Indoor & Outdoor BalancesGBP 10.00
W & T Avery Ltd 1897 Standard Measures of CapacityGBP 7.00
De Grave Short & Co Ltd, circa 1910GBP 7.50
Fairbanks Standard Scales 1880 - illustrated price listGBP 4.50
Fairbanks Co (London) Ltd, circa 1915GBP 4.50
Fairbanks Co (Europe) Ltd, circa 1924GBP 7.50
John J Griffin & Sons Ltd, circa 1911GBP 8.00
Peter Rogers & Co, 1899 Price on Application (POA)
F J Thornton &Co, 1938GBP 3.00

Copies of 'Weight Stamping' in photocopy form GBP 3.00

Equilibrium Index (pages 1 to 3656) Price on Application (POA)

Doctor Arbuthnot's Dissertation on Coins, Weights and Medals GBP 7.50

Our hard-working Publications Secretary will add the actual cost of post and packing from the UK to any charges that are made, and those of you electing to pay by PayPal can be invoiced electronically in advance of dispatch.

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